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“ Caring as much as you do for your children and always going the extra mile for Early Years Education ”

About Us


The Day Nursery is located in Peterborough City Centre.  We care for 3 month old babies’ up to 5 year old pre-school children.
The Day Nursery offers high standards parents have come to expect from a modern nursery along with the support and education that children require in order to develop and flourish.
With an understanding of how important it is to place your child in the correct nursery, owner Lynne Blyth has incorporated some unique special features into The Day Nursery, which come as standard with all nursery places.

In addition to an outstanding environment for learning and development, the Day Nursery features:

  • Free Bilinguasing class
  • FREE dropping off and picking up point on Trinity Street
  • Re-modelled outside play area
  • Nursery lending book & game library
  • Specialist child friendly computer equipment
  • Fantastic sensory room
  • Bio-metric front door entry system
  • Safe and secure webcams throughout nursery.  Parents of children attending nursery are able to log on to see their child.  Please note parents only have access to their child’s room, on the days and times their child is in nursery
  • Registered for 64 children
  • We have been trading since 2005
  • We have an excellent reputation.  We are a family run business (not part of a nursery chain)
  • Monthly invoices are emailed to parents
  • Monthly newsletters are emailed to parents and also displayed around nursery




Opening hours

•    Monday - Friday, 7.30am - 6.30pm
•    Open 51 weeks a year.
•    Closed on Bank Holidays and for 1 week between Christmas and
     New Year.

We offer full-time and part-time sessions.

We provide free settling-in sessions.

Management team Structure:

•    Nursery Owner
•    Early Years Manager
•    Business Manager
•    Early Years Co-Ordinator


The low-level area of the kitchen for the children




The outside garden play area


Payments & Fees

•    No registration fees
•    Deposits are required to secure your child’s place
•    Payment Methods:

- Childcare vouchers
- Debit card
- Standing orders
- Internet bank payments, (directly into nursery bank account)
- 2/3 & 4 year old government funding

Invoices are emailed to parents at the beginning of the month.  We accept payments on a weekly, fortnightly, and monthly basis but all payments for the month’s nursery fees MUST be paid by the 1st of the month.  

Fees include the cost of all meals, except for Baby milk formula, which you will need to provide.  Fees do not include nappies, so you will need to bring in nappies/pull ups and wipes (you can leave these at nursery as each child has their own nappy basket



Extra Activities

As we feel that this is very important for the children’s development, all of the following classes are free to the parent, with nursery paying the cost.







First Signs - Baby Sign Language

Baby Sign Language helps baby communicate thought, wants, and needs while developing language skills needed for speaking! Less Frustration for Baby and for you too! Baby Sign gives an insight into your baby’s world, accelerates baby’s language skills, vocabulary and enriches parent to child interaction. Baby Sign stimulates intellectual and emotional development and builds self-esteem and confidence in communication.


Dance Classes

We have a dance teacher who comes into nursery every other week (during term time only) to do dance classes with the all of the children in every room.  The dance teacher holds Associate teaching qualifications with the ISTD and IDTA dance societies. These classes will be on an every other Thursday mornings during term time only.  






Bilinguasing offers the opportunity for children to sing songs in French and Spanish, using a unique sensory movement and music programme developed for the children, to meet ages and stages of development.


Bilinguasing is a fantastic way to support children to embrace different languages and cultures. Children embark on a magical journey every session; greeting each other in the foreign language, meeting animal characters, playing instruments, reaching for the stars on a trip to the moon, swimming with the fish in the sea and dancing among the colours of the rainbow.

It is now commonly understood that teaching children languages from an early age really helps their development, enhances their speech and increases their confidence





General Walks
We arrange various walks/outings in the local area, based on the planned activities with the children.  They often go to the river to feed the ducks and have also visited the train and bus stations as part of one of our monthly ‘Transport’ theme.

The children like to go and see their favourite characters when they visit Peterborough such as Peppa Pig and Father Christmas.

Peterborough Cathedral – The children regularly go for walks around the picturesque cathedral grounds and often sit on the grass to enjoy their favourite snacks. The older children go to watch the annual Christmas Nativity at Peterborough Cathedral and parents are welcome to come along too!

Central Library - the children enjoy borrowing books that are linked to our monthly topics and language of the month. They also participate in workshops such as Makaton, mask making and face painting.

Peterborough Museum – we are lucky enough to be situated next door to the museum and the children enjoy looking around at the latest exhibits.

Pets at Home – we organise pre-arranged visits to Pets at Home.  All ages of children love going to see their favourite pets and with the Pets at home staff assistance, the children have handled rabbits, guinea pigs and even snakes! The babies love watching the fish swim around.

Shopping – the children visit local shops, supermarkets and Peterborough Market to buy their own ingredients for cooking activities.

Pizza Express- when we focused on Italy for our language of the month, we organised a visit to Pizza Express in which the Pre School children had fun being chefs for their day, tasting fresh ingredients and making their own pizzas.

Central Park – the children enjoy visiting Central Park for a picnic and play when the weather is nice.


We have a full time chef who prepares all of the food, fresh on a daily basis. All our menus are planned using School Food Trust “Eat Better, Start Better voluntary programme”.  

Children start learning about food at a very early age. The messages they receive during this time lay the foundations for the choices they make about food as they move up to school and beyond.

The food and drink guidelines set out how often, how much, and which type of food and drink should be provided to children aged one up to five years, across the day. The guidelines are based on four food-groups (starchy foods, fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and other non-dairy sources of protein and milk and dairy foods). Following these voluntary food and drink guidelines will help to ensure the nutritional requirements of children are met.

Establishing healthy eating habits during children’s early years is very important, as these influence growth, development and academic achievement in later life. We provide an opportunity to help children eat well, enjoy a varied diet, and establish healthy eating habits to take with them into their school years and beyond.

We can cater for all allergy & cultural requirements; we also promote low salt, low sugar and very often do dairy free food.



Food For Life

The nursery has been awarded the ‘Food for Life’ accreditation, which works towards bringing nurseries and communities together, in regards to locally sourced food and assures that the highest quality of food is offered to the children within the setting . Children regularly engage in activities within the kitchen to ensure that they are learning skills in cooking and finding out important information about food. We also work with parents on menu choices and ask for input from our families about new meal ideas with our termly and seasonal menus.




Millie’s Mark

Millie’s Mark is an exceptional achievement for a childcare setting, as it shows they are going above and beyond minimum requirements in keeping children safe. This means 100% of staff have achieved paediatric first aid, ensuring the safety and protection of all children within our care. First Aid is prominent hot topic during our monthly staff meetings so we can ensure that staff are up to date on changes within first aid care.



Safe in the Sun

The Sun Safe Schools Accreditation Scheme was developed by national skin cancer charity; Skcin. The key objective of the charity is to prevent skin cancer through education, promote early detection and reduce the soaring incidence rates in the UK. The mission, is to ensure that children are aware of the importance of protecting themselves in the sun, influencing and role modelling to children how to protect themselves through songs and activities.

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